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Aims & Objectives

We aim to:

  • Provide a safe, calm, friendly and relaxed environment - yet with boundaries - which has a commitment to delivering a rehabilitative and transitional care program that realises the full potential of service users and meets the expectations of care coordinators.
  • To provide accommodation dependent on need with regard to the level of support required and level of independence attained.
  • To ensure that confidentiality, dignity and privacy is maintained at all times and that the people in our care are treated uniquely and with respect and dignity.
  • To treat service users in a way that  demonstrates flexibility in the routines of their daily lives in the Home.

We aim to support our service users to make informed choices by offering them opportunities to select from a range of options in all aspects of their lives and the way their care is delivered. Such choices and options include:

  • Providing meals which enable service users as far as possible to decide for themselves where, when, and with whom they consume food and drinks of their choice.
  • Offering service users a wide range of leisure activities from which to choose.
  • Enabling service users to manage their own time and not be dictated to by set communal timetables. However, service users do need to demonstrate as much as is possible that they are capable of managing their own times.
  • We recognise the right for everyone to lead a ‘normal life’ .  We actively encourage social integration, self-development, increased independence and offer a person-centered approach to the care that we  offer. Care delivery is holistic and we endeavor to meet spiritual, social,educational and cultural requirements.

The services offered by Lee Valley Care Services include but are not limited to the following:

  • Working with the service user and supporting him to identify occupational performance issues and assessing factors contributing to them.
  • Considering the strengths and resources of both service user  and therapist
  • Negotiating targeted outcomes with service user  and developing an action plan
  • implementing the plan through occupation
  • Evaluating outcomes with service user, Manager and Social Services and if necessary formulating a new action plan